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  • Covid-19 Vaccine

    On behalf of Bishop Brennan please see attached memo regarding the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 Vaccine.

    Memo PDF


  • Our Lady of Guadalupe

    Besides the rain we celebrated Las Mañanitas and Rosary in Honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe on her special feast day. Thank you to the Guadalupana Society and all who attended the 5:30 am event.

    Además de la lluvia, se celebró Las Mañanitas y el Rosario en Honor a Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe en su día especial de fiesta. Gracias a la Sociedad Guadalupana y, a todos los que asistieron al evento de las 5:30 am.


  • Vaccine Update

    Important Vaccine update from the Bishop

  • Grotto Update

    Our Lady of Guadalupe beautiful statue is being  installed in the  pedastal in the new grotto today. We are preparing the festivities for this coming Saturday, when the Grotto will be blessed by  Bishop Joseph Brennan. Thank you to the Guadalupanos and St Lucy's parish community for making this
    day possible.

    Parking Lot Update

    Announcement 1. 
    Thank you to Gary and Anthony from the City of Fowler, who voluntarily painted the striping in the church's inside parking lot. The City will be painting the  striping of the parking lot outside the church this week.

    Annoncement 2. Important: As advised by the city workers we are canceling the use of the inside parking lot for tomorrow's masses. Please park outside the church. Thank your for your understanding.  
    Anuncio 1.
    Gracias a Gary y Anthony de la ciudad de Fowler, quienes voluntariamente pintaron las rayas en el estacionamiento interior de la iglesia. La Ciudad pintará las franjas del estacionamiento fuera de la iglesia esta semana.

    Aviso 2. Importante: Como aconsejaron los trabajadores de la ciudad, estamos cancelando el uso del estacionamiento interior para las masas de mañana. Estacione fuera de la iglesia. Gracias por su comprensión.


    Please see the important message attached below about Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary (December 8, 2020)


    According to Bishop Joseph Brennen’s memorandum issued on November 18th,

    St. Lucy’s will

    1. go back to the Pavilion for Sunday mass from this Sunday November 22nd.

    2. keep the same Sunday, daily mass and confessions schedule in the pavilion.

    3. provide Gas-Heaters for Sunday and daily mass congregation as soon as possible (You can bring knee blanket for the outdoor mass).

    4. have special masses such as Funeral, Wedding in the pavilion.
    5. have Baptisms in the pavilion.

    6. keep the current non-contact CCD and RCIA classes.

    7. not have any kind of meeting or gathering in the hall until further notice.

    * Note: Please keep in mind that the dispensation from Sunday mass Obligation remains in effect.

    Remember and pray for one another in Jesus our Love,
    - Fr. Adrian Kim, 11-19-20

    De acuerdo al memorándum del Obispo José Brennan emitido el 18 de noviembre,

    Santa Lucia:

    1.    Regresa al Pabellón para las misas dominicales a partir del domingo 22 de noviembre.

    2.    Mantener el mismo horario de misas dominicales y diarias, y horario de confesiones en el pabellón.

    3.    Proporcionar calentones de gas para el domingo, y la congregación de la misa diaria lo más pronto posible (Pueden traer mantas para la misa afuera).

    4.    Tener las misas especiales como funerales, bodas, en el pabellón.

    5.    Tener los Bautismos en el pabellón.

    6.    Mantener el método actual de no-contacto para las clases de catecismo y de clases de RCIA.

    7.    No tener ningún tipo de junta o reunión en el salón principal hasta nuevo aviso.

    * Nota: Por favor tengan en cuenta que la dispensación de la Obligación de la Misa Dominical continúa en efecto.

    Acuérdense y oren unos por otros en Jesús nuestro Amor,

    -    Padre Adrian Kim, 11-19-20


    I am happy to announce that St. Lucy's has launched 'Sociedad de St. Jose del Consuelo' today.

    La Sociedad is a parish group for Bereavement Ministry that will support the soul and funeral family with prayers and sacrifices.

    The commitments of the Society are
    1. Pray 'the prayer for the dead' and 'Rosary prayer' for the deceased and the family for 3days.
    2. One Holy Communion for the deceased.
    3. Support the bereavement family as Funeral Mass Usher in uniform by rotation.
    4. Saturday church cleaning service, at least once a month.

    St. Lucy's needs more men and students members of the society. Call the parish office and Join 'Sociedad de St. Jose del Consuelo'.

    Jesus be with you

    Fr. Adrian

  • A timely pastoral message from our Pastor and a letter from our Administrative Assistant.

  • All Sunday masses will be celebrated under the pavilion.

    As we are told by Bishop Joseph, from this time on, all Sunday masses and special masses will be celebrated under the pavilion with the same time schedule and maximum 50 people. Face mask is strongly required.

    We celebrated the 1st communion mass with 14 first communicant this evening under the pavilion.
    Congratulations to all 70 first communicants this week.

    Special thanks to the Catechists and parents.

    Jesus loves us.
    Lets love him more.

    Fr. Adrian


    Parish office is still closed until further noticed. You may contact the office by email at stlucys1965@gmail.com